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Mailing Solutions

Whether you are trying to maximize postal discounts, delivery time, or both we have all the right options available.

• First Class and First Class Presort
• Standard Class (AKA "Bulk Mail")
• Irregular and Machinable Parcels
• Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter, and more

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First Class Mail
Handling your daily mail has never been easier. Our team of experienced drivers will pick up your mail on a daily basis. That mail is then sent through our First Class Presort program, saving you money in postage, and improving delivery times.

There is no longer a need for you to rent, lease, or buy your own postage meter. As an added service to our daily presort program, we also offer metering solutions. You no longer need to download funds, buy ink, or call for service when something goes wrong. We simply send you an invoice for postage consumed, and any applicable service charges.

Standard Mail
From 200 pieces and above, most mail qualifies for a "Standard Mail" discount. With our state of the art high speed mail processing equipment, you can rest assured your mail will be processed in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.  We can CASS certify your list, NCOA, De-Dupe, and other data manipulation. 

If you do not have a list yet, or if you want to build on the list you have, visit the Mailing List page to find exactly what you need.